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MUSE NOW OWN MY SOUL, seriously. I've always LIKED them, but recently I've become infatuated. They kinda take you out of this world <3 OH AND... Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) should NOT be on the bloody Eclipse soundtrack. How can the feelings they sing about and the passion which they portray possibly be related to Edward and Bella, who's relationship is based on her thinking he's fit, and him wanting to suck her blood. Not true love, just stupidity. Ugh. /rant.


Are you doing this on purpose or are you really just being a twat?

Seriously, what am I supposed to do?


Doctor Who is MARVELOUS. Eleven is marvelous. Amelia/Amy is marvelous. Steven Moffat is marvelous. Matt Smith is marvelous. Karen Gillan is marvelous. Eleven/Amy <3 is MARRRRRVELOUS (I ship them SO hard right now). I love it more than I ever ever expected. It's just incredible.

The new ep of Glee, however, was a total let down. I want to wrap my arms around Emma and protect her from all the nasties of the world :( poor, poor Emma. Then I could always take her virginity ;) lol. Will was a twat to her :(

2009 Review...

Well, what a strange year it was...
For the first two weeks I was classed as 'unemployed', then, I got a job working for the Goverment ;) Good money :D Training for the job lasted a month or so, and that was quite fun. Then we got into it, and it was ok for a while, a couple of months maybe, but then I started to get a bit miserable. I really did hate it. Just as it was getting really bad, they gave us training for a different job, which was about ten times worse! :( A few weeks into that I was awful, I cried on the bus to work, I cried at work, I was always thinking of ways that I could get time off work. Even when I wasn't at work, all I could think about was being there again soon! So in September, I finally decided that I needed to get out of this, move forward with my life, and re-do my A Levels. I had to contact the college, discover it was a LOT of money for me to do my A Levels again (because i'm over 19) and then tell my parents what I wanted to do and ask for their help and support. That took a lot, but I managed to convince them. Then I was stressed because the college application time had already passed, and I had to see on the enrolment day whether I could get in or not, meaning that I couldn't resign at work until i'd been to the enrolment! I was supposed to give one MONTHS notice, and the enrolment was one WEEK before college actually started. So I had to be polite about it but bad and hand in one weeks notice :| because I GOT IN to college :D I was so happy that day. So that's what i'm doing now. A Levels, as a 19 year old! I'll be 21 when I finally finish! It's ok though, it's something I just needed to do.
Also this year, I loved a girl. A beautiful girl. We had a lot of good times together, and i'll be honest; she helped me through a lot of stuff this year, kept me going etc. I broke up with her recently though, I never meant to end it so abrubtly, but I realised I just couldn't be with her anymore. There were just some things that meant I couldn't be in a relationship with her. No hard feelings, I hope. It'd be nice to start our friendship completely over this year.
Hmm, what else?
OH, I SAW TAKE THAT LIVE. That quite possibly MADE my year. I've loved them since I was a very little kid, so it was absolutely incredible to see there amazing Circus show with my own eyes :')
I also saw another of my favourite bands, Snow Patrol! :) They are absolutely MAGICAL live. I would urge anyone to see them! I really hope I get the chance to do so again soon.
My BEST friend went to University in Birmingham (about an hour from me) and it absolutely tore me apart. We're like sisters, and see each other all the time. She's actually like a part of me. But then, (and I won't go into why online) she came home again, and in ways, I was SO glad. I didn't lose her <3
As for holidays, I went to Barcelona with my parents early in the year! It's actually my favourite place in the whole damn world, so it was amazing to be able to go again! :D Also, I went to T4 On The Beach in Weston-Super-Mare with 2 of my best friends, which was pretty awesome :)
In terms of music... stuff that I've really gotten into this year, i'll say ADAM LAMBERT!<3<3<3, David Cook, Rufus Wainwright, JLS (hate to say it, I have been converted! xD), Joe McElderry (oh, he is heaven sent!), and FLORANCE & THE MACHINE <3 wow. There are probably more but I can't think right now.
Friendship wise, I've kept my oldest and closest friends, close to me. Become a lot closer to a couple that i'd drifted away from and made a few new friends at college, two of whom are going to be friends for life <3
A LOT more has happened this year, but I can't concentrate now, as it's only 35 minutes 'til THE END OF DOCTOR WHO AS I KNOW IT! :'( I'm going to be distraught and broken hearted soon :(


HAPPY 2010 everyone! Hope it's a good year for all! :)


Ok, so it's still a little rough around the edges, but I'm really enjoying life at the moment :)
My friends are the best :) I couldn't have wished to meet a better bunch of people at college this year, especially Ben & Ollie, I can't belive I've made BEST friends in such a short ammount of time :)
OFC I still love ALL my friends, especially Cris and Izzy... would be LOST without those two, too :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone who may read this! :D

Meme :)

Stolen from my lovely gf Gee :)

Day One - a song
Day Two - a picture
Day Three - a book/ebook/fanfic
Day Four - a site
Day Five - a youtube clip
Day Six - a quote
Day Seven - whatever tickles your fancy

I'm going to pick something for each of these things that means a lot to me; let you into my head a little bit...

Song; Robbie Williams - Feel.
This song could sum up how I feel about life, seriously. 'Come on hold my hand, I want to contact the living'... how brilliant is that line? It's just so clever. So true to how I feel as well. The main thing I love about life is deep conversations with people but I don't seem to be able to get them... people don't seem to want to have in depth conversations about life, death, the universe, EVERYTHING, and it really frustrates me. This line kinda sums that up... I wanna find people who are like... ALIVE!
'My head speaks a language I don't understand', well, fuck me! THAT IS my mind. I don't understand myself.
'I don't wanna die, but I ain't keen on living either' my god. Especially when I had depression this line sung out to me. I was never suicidal, not fully, I was just fed up. I just didn't wanna be. Just wanted to feel numb. Still rings out to me when I get down now. Don't need emo music me, Robbie Williams will do ;) lol.
The rest of the song is EVERYTHING to me too, but I think I need to stop rambling now.
Back tomorrow!

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R.I.P Stephen Gately :(

I still can't believe it :(
I can't believe how much i've cried this morning, too :/
I grew up listening to Boyzone. God.
He was such a sweet, down to earth guy.
He came out in 1999 when Boyzone were still together, when it wasn't 'cool' to be gay. What a man.
You'll be greatly missed, Stephen.

Gee has hacked your LJ!!!!!

1) I've hacked you shamelessly while you have gone to your own home. You're coming back now so I'll make this short.

2) Get a move on with your fic, I just re-read it all and will hit you if it doesn't have a 4th part soon.

3) I love you

4) Omggggg, two hour long X Factorr tonight!!!!!!! LLOYD!!!!!!!! <3 xD

I Love You Phillip Morris...

Heard about this movie such a long time ago! Gosh... I really hope it comes out soon! (and I REALLY hope it comes out in the UK and not just the US or anything shitty like that!)

Ok, first 50 seconds is like 0__o oh dear. THEN EWAN STEPS IN AND ALL IS GOOD :D Ewan is AMAZING. My number one favourite actor in the world. I'm just... oh gosh he looks so cute in this! :) SO EXCITED! Ha.


Robbie Williams...

Little ramble about how much I love the man :)


I LOVE YOU!Collapse )